BackStory Events: Live from Saint Vitus is your window into the Metal community

Introducing a new web series featuring interviews from Brooklyn’s iconic metal club, Saint Vitus. Sharing behind the scenes insight into what’s about to go down on stage with metal artists from around the world, and broadcasting performances from the main stage, BackStory Events: Live from Saint Vitus is live streamed at

Our Hosts: BackStory Events interview hosts include legendary rock and metal journalists, like Brad Tolinski of Guitar World, along with fresh talent with a current take on the metal scene. Plus, personnel from Saint Vitus will share their commentary on events of the week and offer a look into the Saint Vitus lifestyle.

For more on Saint Vitus, visit Live in the NYC area? Come see us in person!



Upcoming BackStory Events: Live from Saint Vitus Streams

Tuesday, April 25  7:30pm EST

French Horn Rebellion, She Keeps Bees, Future Generations, Dead Stars, Abraham King

Saturday, May 6  8:30pm EST

Multicult, Gnaw, The Austerity Program, Opening Bell

Friday, May 12 8:45pm EST

Iron Chic, Dead Heavens, MakeWar, Earworms

Saturday, May 20 2:30pm EST

Wrekmeister Harmonies, Hunter Hunt-Hendrix

Saturday, May 20 11:00pm EST

Psyche, Martial Canterel

Wednesday, May 24 8:30pm EST

Xasthur (Acoustic), Johanna Warren

Tuesday, June 6 8:00pm EST

Mutoid Man, Helms Alee, Primitive Weapons